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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating a Branding Shoot

Wedding editorials are INCREDIBLE to get to know other professionals and show your aesthetic. Branding, my friends, is winning the hearts of editors everywhere for their ARTISTIC and immediate VALUE delivered to blog followers... more so than traditional inspiration shoots.

I will be sharing a LOT more about BRANDING x INSPIRATION shoots here (in celebration of my branding feature on ONCEWED, hello!) but it all starts with a few key questions.

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Rebrand Right: The New Look for TRS

When I was imaging the new look and feel for The Romanticist Studios I wanted the brand to evoke a fresh, feminine aesthetic that was beautifully curated and authentic.  I think it is so important to continue growing and evolving your brand especially in the creative industry.  I really wanted to be able to showcase trends and to look ahead at what was up and coming in the creative industry.  I had decided early on that I wasn't going to start this business to do the same thing everything.  I wanted my brand to really connect with like-minded and ever-changing creatives.

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