How to style wedding invitations in 10 MIN - GO!

Image: Darcy Benincosa

Working on wedding day is one of the most stressful jobs I know...It should be put up in the list with brain surgery or something!! When I hear brides complaining about the cost of wedding photography I cringe! 

My hard working photographer peeps out there have it so hard...the pressure of capturing every little detail while dealing with the constant change in schedules is brutal! Not to mention that everybody now wants you to work as stylists as well (for free of course!!)

I am lucky to have some time to plan what I am going to style but honestly that is not always the case. When I have to style wedding stationery on the fly I follow those steps and it works every time!


Here is the step by step to create a beautiful paper flatlay

in no time

Image:  Darcy Benincosa  | Styling Board:  Shop Romanticist

Image: Darcy Benincosa | Styling Board: Shop Romanticist


1. Have a BACKDROP ready

Here is the don't want to spend precious time running around trying to find a good spot to take your photos. You might walk right in and find this amazing textured stone on the ground that is just the most perfect backdrop ever or you may not.

Well...if you are anything like me you will find more dark and windy spots than perfect little natural wonders.

So have a backdrop ready and place it wherever light and wind conditions are ideal. Extra points if you have one that goes with your brand and is Instagram ready for your little behind the scenes.


ALL TIME Favorites:

1. Heavy linenstyling boards - Some available HERE

2. Soft fabric (steamed) - Etsy has some great selection of vintages and you can find silk chiffon pieces for a good price

3. Crinkled cheese cloth (dyed) - DIY a long styling cloth with your favorite colors and for less than $10! Any fabric store carries it.

*need help with this DIY, leave a comment below and I will forward you some good links!!

*not a DIY person, Silk and Willow has amazing styling cloths

4. Fine art styling board (painted and textural) - If your brand has this painterly feel to it, you might invest in a fine art board. 

Some options at Shop Romanticist | Pilgrim and Co. | One Stone West



2. Gather 2 or 3 FLORAL stems or beautiful FLOWERS 

Collect some florals from the florist directly...another time sucking activity is to try to 'FORAGE' the grounds. Aks the main florist for the best stems and blooms for styling and move on. 

If you are lucky the florist may give you a hand and they are the best at placing the florals just right!



3. Place the INVITATION in 3 quick steps

Assuming that you were handed an envelope with the wedding invites :) it is time to place them on your backdrop.


1. Place the larger piece or the most beautiful on the left/center corner:  

the eyes naturally gravitate towards it so you want to place the good stuff there.


2. Place other items on a grid filling the space to form a square OR a vertical or horizontal retangular shape.



3. Take a step back and check if the angles are straight (ish). 

You don't have to measure everything (I do!) but make sure the distance between the items is consistent.


4. Add the final TOUCHES

Add the florals you collected with the florist to the flatlay. You can get really creative here but my failproof way is to place them in the corners and peeking into the stationery like the photo above!

If you have a ring box or other little details like the mini candles here make sure you place them to fill the space or to add depth. 

Here is an idea on how to use the ring box and florals to create the square or retangular frame


5. Shoot the flatlay using this SHOTLIST

Your flatlay is ready to be shot just make sure you take those shots before moving on:

1. Full frame vertical

2. Full frame horizontal

3. Right and Left halves

4. Every stationery piece closeups

5. The details (flowers, rings, etc) in closeup

6. Hands if you want some organic material for your feed



Wedding season is still in full speed so try those tips and let us know in the comments how you did!

Need some help with the styling props or the backdrops? Check out the shop for beautiful kits and boards to help you style in no time