Ready to get serious with social media? Read this first!


So, you're officially ready to get into the social media game. YAY! Perhaps, for the 10th time, that is cool too!

Good news: having beautiful, branded visuals is half the battle. Images are synonymous with social media engagement. Not to mention, the platforms we’ve all come to love are highly visual. I’m talking Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest (not technically social, but we still love it).

So, what’s the other half of the battle? A well-curated feed sparks conversations but getting the $$ return you want requires more than just pretty pictures.

Today, I’m sharing six tips to help you attract and connect with great clients—no matter how many followers you have.

While I’m not a social media expert by any means, these tips have proven instrumental in growing my own presence. Read to the end for a list of resources that helped me get started with social media, hashtags, engagement, and more. Sound good? Let’s dive in.

1. Adjust your mindset

Growing an engaged following takes time and patience. While you grow your following, LOVE (yes, I mean LOVE) each one of your followers. Show them you’re listening and they’ll become your clients and brand advocates for life. If you’re looking for fast results, you’re looking in the wrong place.

2. Invite your followers to join your list

Spend time growing your email list and creating useful content to send to your peeps. You can use the photos we create to make it a beautiful letter. Then, get real and share stories your subscribers can relate to—whether it’s about business or The Bachelor. Step into their shoes and carry the conversation beyond social media. Remember, you own your list—you don’t own your social media followers. Use social media to drive people to your website and newsletter opt-in. 

3. Create content categories

Instead of trying post about everything, choose three topic categories and stick to them. For example, if you’re a shop owner, you might post about your products, behind the scenes, and giveaways and promos. Especially at the beginning, your followers will be interested in connecting with you and your brand. Keep it fresh and real but don’t overwhelm yourself.

4. Track your progress

Take note of your numbers and watch for growth—but don’t spend too much time stressing over stats. Your time is better spent creating captivating captions, interacting with your followers, networking with influencers, and seeking collaboration opportunities that turn into $$. Leave the photos to us, of course!

5. Showcase your “wow” factor

Imagine the best buying experience you’ve ever had. It’s likely the salesperson created an irresistible experience from the moment you met through checkout: they greet you with a smile, escort you through the product features, show you how these features will benefit your specific lifestyle, and answer your questions with confidence. They’re persuasive without being pushy. And you walk away feeling as bubbly as a glass of champagne. Approach social media like this savvy salesperson. Give your followers all the info they need to USE and LOVE your product. Wow before your sell.

6. Share your story

Facebook and Instagram stories are all the rage right now with new features popping up on the reg. That said, stories create real-time engagement, which is all you, my friend! To avoid the overwhelm of creating, uploading, and communicating in real-time, consider sharing things you’re doing anyway, like your daily biz routine and behind the scenes. Coming from someone who loves styled shots (it’s my job, after all), this can take some practice. But trust me, people love to see your everyday life on social media, too!

Well, my friend, that’s it for today. I hope these tips help you sparkle on social media. I can’t wait to see your beautiful feed and hear all about how your followers engage. Let me know how it goes!