Shipstation Squarespace Tutorial (never go to the post office again)

If going to the post office and tracking your order manually is killing you, here is how to NEVER set foot at a post office again. 

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I am used to wearing  many hats...but the one I absolutely hated was to package and go to the post office to ship orders.

My days were like...Check orders or squarespace, copy info to the custom label, print, confirm all orders and labels, package, take to the post office, wait in line, pay normal price, come home/office, find the orders on squarespace, update tracking info, check shipment status in a few days, follow up if any issues.

Honestly, I dread all non-value activities despite that they are essential - I would much rather spend the time talking to the clients, developing new products or making this video here for you…

I know you are busy just as much and you need to automate asap if you want to grow your business so here is THE tool that transformed my days as a shop owner! 

The steps are really simple but I am gonna flip to my computer so you can follow along...

  1. Open a shipstation account ($9/mo)

  2. Open an account with the post office - free with shipstation

  3. Link to squarespace

  4. Refresh orders

  5. . Print pick lists, receipts and labels (including international shipping forms)

    Note: An automatic email will be sent with tracking number directly to the client as soon as you create your label.

  6. Fill your orders 

  7. Drop off at any collection box 

  8. Track delivery through shipstation - they will send confirmation when the item is delivered.

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