Inspiration Photoshoot Part 4 - Resource List


If there is one thing I did right this first year in business is creating a PROCESS to design my photoshoots. True, I was offering photoshoot design and styling for my clients so it comes with the job to have a process and ways to communicate the vision.

As the biz grows I have less time to take on photoshoots and collaborations (insert super sad face here) and I already miss this part of the job so much.

I wish I could say 'yes' to every this is my way to participate (at least a little) on every beautiful project that comes my way! All my little tricks, the best places to get props and a few styling tips to help you (and your team) create a photoshoot that you are super happy with.

It turned out it was a LOT of info so I am breaking into 5 free resources:

1. The checklist - all the steps + tips

2. Design templates - my photoshoot design template, moodboard, everything ready for you to just plug your ideas

3. A list of publications to help you get inspired or decide where to submit your work

4. All my resources - and I am not just talking about my shop ... 

5. A few styling tips and you will be ready to put all this planning into action. 

Ok so this is going to sound a little odd...when I start a new project I don't start with moodboards, I actually print this checklist (get it HERE) and kick off my project with a simple timeline on my calendar (just put down some milestones, shoot days, etc to see how much time you actually have to work with).

*if you dont know anything about me - I am sort of a 'left-brain' creative and I just love the science behind styling.

This month we will have a little Q&A to chat resources, prop sourcing and the cost of everything you will need - always on Instagram or FB so make sure you follow along. 


Here is what is inside...

How I gather more details that don't always make it to the moodboard
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If you missed it, the checklist and design files are already available:

Photoshoot Checklist here
Design Files
Publication List - The Romanticist Studios

and this is what is coming next:

Great styling tips for your photoshoot - The Romanticist Studios

I am so beyond excited to share all those steps with you!

Can you tell me on the comments below if you have a secret place for props? We will give them a shout out.