What you SHOULD read when you have no time


Hey babes...I am sure you’ve heard that ‘Time is Money,’ right? And if you have a full-time job, small kids, AND a side business, then you know that time is actually your most important asset.

Here is a funny thing....learning how to save time actually COSTS you time. And I am not ashamed to say I spent a ton of time learning, reading freebies and buying courses throughout my first year in business just to realize most of them actually just cost you time + money. 


This past Thursday something funny happened...I opened my email to find not just the usual 1 or 2 ‘join my course’ emails, but five of those ‘join this free webinar’ kind of things. I just wanted to reply to all of those emails and say ladies (and gents), take a break! No one wants to pay to get your free advice anyway. That was funny because I usually don’t rant much about stuff and take full responsibility when I get ‘conned’ into one of those not-so-great courses.


My full Thursday morning inbox made me realize how difficult it really is to decide what to invest your time in when you only have a few free minutes a day.  So here is a list of some of the content I am consuming this month and a little note about why I’ve chosen to invest my time into it.


SAFFRON AVENUE’s blog posts on SEO

I am in the process of moving my SEO work to Taylor, and while she is getting up to speed on the topic, I thought I would brush up on it myself. I think you will need about 30 minutes to read + make some quick notes on it. Applying it, on the other hand, is a different story, and I can tell you more about how we did it later. 



Here is the link if you want to check it out: https://saffronavenue.com/blog/tips-tools/optimize-seo-for-your-website/

Planoly’s posts on influencer marketing

Honestly, I am just so inspired by #NYFW and all those fun #streestyles so this is basically just some light, fun reading material :)

Link: http://www.planoly.com/blog/project-type/best-practices/


Guilty as charged! Check it out on IG...just search ‘NYFW’ on the hashtags list and scroll to your heart’s content.

Link: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/nyfw/ 

WorkParty Book + workparty podcast

I got my copy of the Workparty book signed at Create and Cultivate last month and it is a super easy read with some fun anecdotes about the struggles every successful person goes through while getting their business up and running. I haven’t even made it to the middle yet, but the cover is pink and you know I’m a sucker for that (totally keeping it on my bookshelf).

Now I get really tired of podcasts and the fact that everybody and their mother has a podcast nowadays is just annoying....but this one features some guests that have done some major things with their businesses and careers, so I’ve decided to follow along for a few more episodes. The jury is still out because I am not really clicking with the format...we will see if it picks up in their second month.

Link: https://www.workparty.com/podcast/

And this is it folks...what are you reading for ‘work’ that we should take a look next?

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