Why you need a marketing map and how it works


What D’Arcy had to say about:

money mindsets

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Marketing map

Hey babes!

Last week, I went live with a good friend and colleague of mine, D’Arcy Benincosa. For those of you who don’t know her, D’Arcy is a photographer, business coach, and workshop leader. I’ve worked with D’Arcy on a bunch of projects, and she is just the best. If you haven’t already, check out her website and Instagram.

During our live chat, we delved deep and got real about money and the creative mental game. There were some really great questions about how to budget strategically, how to keep track of money, and how to make smart investments into a growing business. Here are D’Arcy’s tips for growing your business and your bank account:

  1. Give yourself permission to make a change

    Always remember that you control the money you make.

  2. Change your money mindset

    Allow yourself to believe you have the ability to make more money.

    You can produce work that is worthy of earning you a living.

  3. Prioritize planning for the future

    Have a positive outlook, and establish a plan you feel good about.

  4. Spend efficiently

    Of course you have to work hard to make money, but after the paychecks come in, pay extra close attention to where that money goes.

  5. Balance creating for the sake of creating with creating wealth

    Take care of your mental game: do things that are creatively fulfilling, but also that help you achieve your margins. Both are valuable and necessary.

  6. Let go of things that don’t work

    If your current system isn’t making you the kind of money you want to be earning, it’s also preventing you from investing your time and energy into another system that could help you achieve those goals.

  7. Stories are what sell

    Every product in your shop needs a clear justification as to why it is there. Craft a compelling story around what you sell and people will flock to it.

  8. Keeping every penny you earn for yourself does not allow for growth

    For big leaps, get help. It can feel like a big investment to outsource and train a team, but after you create your brand of products, getting help to scale your business is fundamental.

I had so much fun chatting with D’Arcy and those of you who popped in for our Live! This is definitely something I want to keep doing more consistently–we all have so much to teach each other and there is so much to learn, so we might as well keep the conversation going!

And pro tip: if you are in serious need of a MARKETING OVERHAUL go check out D’Arcy’s new course about creating a marketing map. It is pure gold!