Getting Social with Your Brand: 3 Tips to Refine Your Instagram Feed

3 tips to keep a consistent brand on IG with The Romanticist Studios

Trends come with the creative territory. One week, it’s all about vivid colors. The next, it’s flat lays.

Coming across new inspiration is both a blessing and curse for the creative type. If you’re anything like me, trying to keep up with trends is super distracting, draining...and SO MUCH FUN, am I right?!

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I went through two complete brand designs before I even launched my business. **Insert crazy lady emoji here!!**

The whole shebang, girl: logos, fonts, color palettes, and patterns. By the time I finished the first one, I was already thinking about the second (and current, btw).

On top of that, I was constantly dreaming up new photoshoots to work with the new thing: minimal, moody, emerald—you name it.

So here's why I am chatting Instagram feed with you...In hindsight, this wasn’t an efficient use of time or $$ and I wish you don't make the same mistakes when building your social portfolio.


QUICK TIP: I map out my visual aesthetic so I don't chase every single new shinning inspo out there. Check out how I do it HERE.


Even if you do have extra time and money, you risk attracting the wrong clients and repelling the right ones. True story...when I first started, I loved posting photos of my office and because I didn't have a lot of photos of my work, they kind of took over my IG. Nothing wrong with a little BTS, but guess what? People started reaching out to style their workspace and because I didn't have that many clients I said yes to one of those requests. If you have been in business for a while, you know where I'm going with this...complete headache and a full refund issued months after we started! 

Takeaway: YOU have the power to atract amazing clients and not so great ones...inconsistent presence attracts confused clients, darling!


Inconsistent branding causes confusion! 


You want your ideal clients to know exactly who you serve: them! You want them to know exactly what kind of work they'll get when they hire you.

The key to connecting with those perfect clients is creating strong BRAND RECOGNITION across all mediums and platforms, including your social media feeds.


So now that you know where I stand, I’m sharing three tips on how to create a focused and consistent Instagram feed your clients will love. These really worked for me and I would love to know what works for you in the comments below!!


1. Commit to your aesthetic

Rest assured, you don’t have to live with your current aesthetic forever. Your business is all yours, girl. That said, once you settle on an aesthetic that represents you and resonates with your clients, you need to commit to donning the look for a while—from your website to your Instagram feed.

Vera Wang, blush and amazing florals are brand staples for TRS

Vera Wang, blush and amazing florals are brand staples for TRS

Think of the relationship between your brand and your clients in terms of dating. It takes time to get comfortable and establish trust. If you court your clients with a charmingly consistent brand personality, they’re more likely to stick around. On the other hand, if you go changing your brand personality every few months, you risk losing reliability and trust. Besides, your time is better spent focusing on the important things, like your clients.

For example, I help my visual social media clients develop consistency with monthly mood boards. With mood boards, you can visualize and incrementally incorporate aesthetic changes. Planning ahead and tracking visuals each month makes it easy to keep things fresh without giving your audience a case of unexpected visual clash.

2. Curate for your clients

Your Instagram isn’t so much about you as it’s about your clients. Consider what interests them, what will make their day a little better, and what will answer their most pressing questions. Post that!

Step into your ideal client’s shoes by following her on social media for a bit. What’s she pinning, who’s she following on Instagram, and what’s she posting about? Use these insights to fill your feed with all the beautiful things you offer to catch her interest and solve her pain points.

But it’s not all about them. Your feed is also a reflection of who you are as a business owner. Let your clients step into your shoes, too. Find the sweet spot for what you and your clients have in common to connect and convert. Which leads to…


Florals - The Romanticist Studios
The Romanticist Studios desk

My people LOVE flowers...bouquets, centerpieces, flatlays, name it. So I give them extra doses  in pictures, tips and videos!

What is YOUR client really loving right now?



3. Focus on conversions

It’s easy to get swept up by inspiration on Instagram. But remember: your business isn’t a hobby. Hobbies are great but keep your business feed on-brand and focused on returns (return on investment to be precise). If your content isn’t attracting your BFF client, you might need to reevaluate your Instagram strategy.

Look at your analytics often and post more of the content that results in engagement in the form of likes, comments, follows, and—most importantly—direct messages from prospective clients. For example, if your blush tone photos have higher returns than minimal whites—focus on the blush tones. Easy as that!

Before making any drastic shifts, start with your current content and slowly test new concepts. See what sticks and adjust your visual strategy accordingly over time. When I’m planning a client shoot, I always recommend creating concepts that complement the existing brand vibe before, say, switching from neutrals to bright greens. If you invest in a new concept before knowing how it will resonate with your audience, you risk losing time and money.

Numbers tell the story of what’s working for your business right now. Whatever it is that’s working for you: embrace it, own it, love it!


I am going to say it one more time:


Embrace it, Own it, Love it!


So, when you see something shiny and new…enjoy it, create it, and file it away for another day. You don’t need to follow every new trend or chase every glimmer of inspiration. Schedule some time to be creative but maintain consistency in your business. By doing this, you’ll build strong brand recognition with your audience and woo your ideal clients with a brand that feels like it was curated just for them.


If you need help creating beautiful visuals your clients will love, check out the VISUAL + ADS service...we'll get you super consistent in a minute.