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Real talk: what are you doing to find the right people to work with? Time is money, and your time is super valuable, so sometimes outsourcing some of your work is the right move. Having good people matters.

I know it can be stressful to put your trust in someone else and give them the reins, but as my friend D’Arcy Benincosa said on our recent Insta Live (follow my instachats @theromanticiststudios), “there's only so far you can build a business by yourself." It’s important to take the leap. You got this, boss lady!

Building out my team of contractors, interns, and remote employees has been a major goal of mine this year as I work on launching new products and services, scaling my business, creating new and different kinds of content, and making real progress on my long-term business and lifestyle goals.

I’ve hired creative contractors many times before, but this time, I put together a comprehensive checklist and template to make the process super simple. I’ve streamlined all the key questions I ask, outlined the essential checklist items I consider before starting the recruiting process, left room for you to take notes, and threw in a few tables to help keep you organized. All you need to do is post your opening! :)

So what are you waiting for? Click below to get a worksheet and get going on finding your rockstar contractor!

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