Dreaming of a Wedding in Provence? Look No Further for Your Ideal Inspiration


Earlier this year we launched the Destination Styled Studies in France (more on the topic soon and we will link back - or ask me in the comments if you just need to know :) 

Never before we've seen so many couples interested in having a destination wedding and that is pretty easy to understand...Hate to be cheesy but with the advance of internet you can find anything you need from the photographer to entertainment anywhere in the world. 

Destination weddings are no longer for expats and the super rich...they are just a great excuse to wow your guests and jump into honeymoon right after the I dos.

Well...we've done it and I gotta tell you: it is pretty complicated but SO WORTH IT!!

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If you are ready to pack the wedding dress (or your camera) take a look at some of those tips below before you go. 

More wanderlust and less chatting? Jump to SMP Destination and check out a little bit of this idyllic region called Provence

All that green...photo: Gert Huygaerts

All that green...photo: Gert Huygaerts



We used deep shades of green, caramel and soft blushes to enhance the beauty of Provence and Chateau des Alpilles 



As someone that doesn't know the ins and outs of the location you will rely 100% on the people working with you there. While you can certainly bring your favorite photographer and planner (plus a million suitcases full of all the decor!), you will be happy to have the logistics of a proper venue coordinator for the day-of; a florist that knows the weather and the best places to get unique flowers (+forage) and a travel specialist to get all guests well taken care of. 

The list of people I gathered for this shoot is up on SMP so make sure to check it out!


If you travelled a bit you know that things never happen perfectly as planned...well, weddings abroad are a logistical nightmare and you should be ready to just make the best out of the situation. 


So those are a few of my notes on this little adventure and there is a lot more to come once we launch the destination studies 2018 plans. 

Are you thinking of getting married abroad or offering destination services? What id your worst nightmare when thingking about it?

Leave a comment and one of us (the team that did this shoot) will answer it!