Why getting featured on wedding blogs is STILL relevant


I was watching one of those webinars (seriously out of control habit now!) and this one caught my attention because it was about publicity (the link is at the bottom is you are interested). 

Sort of a different topic right?? Anyways, Selena (the speaker) had some great point about how she leverage guest posts, publications and eventually speaking commitments and TV to the advantage of her clients. Serious stuff that got me thinking...our industry might be small, and our publications are certainly not 'Oprah' reach but we shouldn't just dismiss it altogether.

Because I almost live in 'submission' mode, I shared a few ways you can LEVERAGE your publication and editorial work on Instagram. 


Didn't catch the LIVE? Here is what went down...


Ok so I am probably biased as most of my business comes from editorials but if you think that I have more skin in the game than anybody out there, then you see how I am always thinking of ways to 'use' the exposure better.

In this video I am sharing:

  • The experience with OnceWed and how it changed my business
  • The blogs that are investing in promoting your work (fo'real)
  • 3 ways to get more business from your feature (that are not exactly client referrals

PS: This is a LONG and sometimes boring video...so just hang in there! Some really good stuff came out and here are the highlights so you can jump to it.

Topics + times:

02:55 - wedding blogs in the past and now

05:45 - styling shoot freebies - what are the 5 ones I am creating

10:47 - publicizing your work from the 'bottom up'

12:37 - blogs that really take care of you and promote your work

18:47 - how to make the most of your feature - a few ideas

21:50 - launching a project in multiple 'fronts' not just getting featured

23:00 - building momentum and taking your name 'off the ground'

25:35 - use more than just IG posts

28:35 - how to submit (tips and tricks)

 31:00 - when things go wrong with your shoot - what to do

41:10 - the next 2 freebies.The resource list (lifestyle, wedding and branding props, books and business resources) + Styling tips




Getting featured still gets you clients - Live video with Roberta West of The Romanticst Studios

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Now for that shiny shoot of yours...check out the past resources and get in the list for the next 2. This is a full shoot design mini course that will help you focus and create something amazing to get featured.

Check out the full resource page here:


Styling Shoot Resources



Interested in that publicity training? I am not sure if it is still going on but here is the speaker: SELENA SOO

Hope this info is helpful to you so let me knwo in the comments what we should chat next :)