3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating a Branding Shoot

Photography D'Arcy Benincosa

Photography D'Arcy Benincosa

Wedding editorials are INCREDIBLE to get to know other professionals and show your aesthetic. Branding, my friends, is winning the hearts of editors everywhere for their ARTISTIC and immediate VALUE delivered to blog followers... more so than traditional inspiration shoots.

I will be sharing a LOT more about BRANDING x INSPIRATION shoots here (in celebration of my branding feature on ONCEWED, hello!) but it all starts with a few key questions.

Here are the first 3 ones I ask my branding clients to design the perfect picture for them:

1. What is YOUR CLIENT's mood and feel?

What do you want your ideal clients to see and feel when they first reach your site? Do you want them to get excited, relaxed, hopeful...?

Don't overthink it but do some research...think about your best client so far and consider what she feels, what brands she loves, what wedding blogs she followed for her wedding and go for that feel. 


Photo: D'Arcy Benincosa

Photo: D'Arcy Benincosa

2. What is your GOAL for this shoot?  

How long would you like to have this 'brand feel'? Forever or just until the next awesome trend comes along? Is this a brand refresher or you are creating a whole new brand with those images?

While this might sound a little odd, it is so important to know if you are creating a shoot to get published (hence a lot more of the editorial punch is key) or to get you more of your ideal client. 

Oh Roberta, you silly...both of course! Nah Nah I say. The easiest way to come up with a totally blah shoot is to try to nail all your marketing goals in one go. Brides are not necessarily the most fashion forward people you know?! 

Decide if you want to create editorial material or emotional, relatable photos for brides to fall in love with you on a glimpse.

Pick one and go with it. 


3. What are your brand MUSES? 

Now we are talking serious branding terms here... what creatives, blogs, brands inspire your BEST WORK the most?

For a jewelry client we picked Sugar Paper as a muse. Did we copy everything Sugar Paper does for its brand? Of course no! Did we look at the website, the newsletter, the products to see how the brand communicates to its clients? Heck yes!

Even if you choose a fellow photographer or a stylist you love, look deep into what really attracts you to their work and how you could make it your own. The shortest way to disappointment is to try to copy someone's work. That style is taken and it is so done, you can create something fresh and equally as beautiful.


Here is what we did to get inspired without totally copying it...



My MUSE for this shoot (and for my whole brand really) was this shoot from D'Arcy Benincosa and Sarah Winward, featured at OnceWed a while back. 

I made it my own with an intricate dress in a beautiful color + soft, organic details. I also wanted florals of a different texture and colors so I partnered with Kelly Lenard to design something a little more 'branchy' for the shoot.


Ahh so now you are ready to create your own branding shoot and can dive into your marketing goals more confidently. There is still a ton of work to shoot and then implement the photos so...


Follow along as I peel all the layers of creating a styled shoot and leave your questions and comments below! I would love to hear how your branding is going :)

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