How to Book Clients OUTSIDE of Social Media (and relax about your grid!)

There is a bunch of really great training on social media out there and at least a gazillion IG accounts that seem to be getting more followers than celebrities these days.

We all know them, follow them and COMPARE ourselves to them several times a day. Social Media anxiety IS a thing and we all are going to fall ill of it sooner or later...just accept it! 

Nat from PapelnCo has some serious IG skills!

Nat from PapelnCo has some serious IG skills!


While I am still a baby account...


I am not saying quit social media if you are not making any money with it! There is real money and tons of potential in having a great social media presence and you NEED a piece of that pie to grow. Nonetheless,

while you learn and build your tribe online go make money in the real world!

About 60% of my business income comes from good ol networking and face to face meetings. Not only that allows me to have clients and pay the bills (which I am so grateful for), it also means I don't have to freak out every time I get 10 followers and still show a total of 1518!!! 

I sold more styling kits to people that know me in person than through social media efforts this far! You know why? Because people will always trust a thoughtful conversation, a recommendation or a beautiful business card. 

Here are 2 of my most successful strategies to book clients in real life:


1. Know your ideal clients and go after them

This is the best way to book clients AND it will bring you so much joy to work with them. When I started designing photoshoots I had a list of people and items I loved working with and those were my first contacts!

Photographers for example should connect with local venues/planners and instead of putting together a photoshoot why not gift a couple a mini session at that venue. Or offer to photograph one of their mixers so you can connect with brides. There are plenty of ways you can get in front of the client and not have to give the elevator pitch. 

You can print a portfolio and hand it to locations where you want to shoot or where you think your client hangs out. If you are a designer or florist make a sample of your work and gift to local stores that have your 'vibe'. If you are a good match, the perfect client will see your work first and book you!


2. Collaborate the right way

This is big right now...everybody wants to collaborate and I hear more and more that people are frustrated and don't want to work for free and so on! Well, you are just not doing it right.

Collaborations were THE WAY I got my foot on the door and still gets me the most PROFITABLE clients.

You just have to be super clear on:


Those questions always help me assess a project:

Do you want that person as a client?

Do you want to get in their IG feed?

Do you want that planner/dress shop/venue to recommend you to their brides?

Do you have what it takes to do an excelent job and profit from it?

But that is not all...once you assessed it is a good fit, you have to check if you are going to PROFIT from it:

How much am I investing? 

Am I taking time from other activities? 

Are we all in agreement? Do we all agree we want to work together so we can refer each other?

Have I communicated clearly all my vision, my expectations and everybody is like hell ya?!


and don't forget to send a friendly reminder, every now and then, that you are there for your vendors and down for more projects!


I might not have the best social media presence (right now) but sure keep things moving with those tips I shared. If you want to partner with The Romanticist for a BRANDING SHOOT, send us a note here :)