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A brand or editorial photo shoot comes together much like a swan gliding across a lake: above the water, the elegant neck curves gracefully and the feathers barely flutter. Below the water is a different story: strong legs and purposeful flippers work diligently to guide the scene above.

Follow along as the team shares insights on all aspects of creating a branding shoot. The first step is (always) inspiration and Christine shared the first steps of the process HERE

In planning for Christine Dore Trants branding shoot, we started with discussing her business and her ideal clients. Once we’d defined the inspiration for the shoot, I got to work pulling together all of the different elements that would best showcase Christine’s business and personality.

First, we collaborated on a shared Pinterest board to pull together the looks, colors, and practical aspects of the shoot. I asked Christine to share three or four tools she uses regularly as a part of her business, as well as any images she had come across that she felt reflected her style.

Once I had a good sense of Christine’s business, style, and hands-on tools, I included pins in our shared board of how we could visualize all of the aspects of Christine’s brand, including the feelings of comfort and ease that are so important to what she does.

During our planning call, Christine mentioned the inspiration for her website and company branding (created by Courtney Kirkland of Sweet Southern Media) was derived from her favorite places, things, and collections as a reflection of her personality in her brand. This aspect is especially important to her because her name is also her business name. To incorporate those items into her branded shoot, I asked her to bring along the depression glassware, antique mason jars, and any other brand-colored items she had at home that would fit well with the aesthetic we’d determined with our Pinterest board.

Once I had the vision for the shoot in place, I reached out to Ellysia Francovitch to photograph the shoot. Her work with styled food and commercial photography, as well as portraits, made her a perfect fit for this shoot. In order to showcase Christine’s client focus and individualized projects, I wanted to include another model in our shoot to visualize those aspects of her business. I also wanted to incorporate Christine’s writing into her branded imagery. Kate Yenrick of Yennygrams was the perfect addition to the team--she modeled as Christine’s client and created beautiful calligraphy to be styled and photographed.

As the day approached, I created a mood board to guide our day as well as a detailed shot list. I shared those files with the team to get us all on the same page before they even walked in the door!

Shooting day is always a little bit chaotic as we all try to come together in a few hours. Ellysia shared a step by step of the day HERE

Take a look at some of the beautiful and totally on brand pictures we created for her new site:

Christine shares a little bit of her routine

Christine shares a little bit of her routine

The 'feeling' of working with Christine...bright and fun

The 'feeling' of working with Christine...bright and fun

Work, Work, Work...and relax

Work, Work, Work...and relax

Custom photos are the best way to really show your personality and a little bit of how working with you really feels like! We are totally in love with the cheerful colors and the feminine look created for Christine!



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