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Styling COnsulting

For seasoned professionals and creatives looking to troubleshoot specific areas of their content - we offer hourly styling, design and publication consulting 

45 min 'ask me anything' + prep questionnaire - $89

10 sessions - $750*

*we know this is a big commitment, so we guarantee your money back anytime before your second session!

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The Romanticist Studios

launches + website

This package is ideal to create the 'backbone' of your brand visuals. If you are launching a product or a website - a custom branding photoshoot will help you connect with your ideal client in an instant + showcase your brand values.

What is in it:

  • Creative direction, styling and professional photography

  • 20-30 HiRes digital styled photos

  • 'Sized' images to implement right away: website banner, FB, YouTube, IG square and Stories, Blog and Pinterest verticals


  • 2 design meetings (online)

  • Design file

  • Sourcing of branded props

  • Photoshoot at our studio*

  • Implementation support

Now booking May 2019

* all photos taken at our studio in Boston, MA. Travel dates are available for 'on-site' work subject to additional costs 




Social + Ads Visuals (Monthly)

If creating images and graphics take you more time than actually working with your clients - we offer a monthly image package for you.

We create + curate images to help you achieve your social and marketing goals and help you implement with our monthly support newsletter.

What is in it:

  • 15 original images of your products styled at the studio

  • 10 stock/repost images to keep your feed fresh and cohesive

  • 5-10 graphics (sales, stories, happenings, etc)

  • Monthly 'newsletter' to help you create ads, collateral and other implementation activities.

Investment: $750/mo

or $550/mo for 3mo package (total $1650)

Now booking April/May 2019

*we know this is a big commitment, so we guarantee your money back in the first 2 weeks of the service.

You can also cancel the service at any time...just give us a little heads up (cancel before the 15th of the previous month) and we are good to go. 

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