Photo Studies: Provence 09May17

Photo Studies: Provence 09May17

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RMNTCST SERIES: Discover, practice and refine your artistry with beautifully crafted and styled scenes

The group photoshoot is an opportunity for photographers who mastered their technical skills and are looking to expand their portfolio abroad

The Romanticist Studios + local creative team will design, source and style wedding inspiration mini shoots (vignettes) on pre set locations and dates.

This package gives the photographer the opportunity to:

1. Shoot 4 hours of beautifully styled vignettes

2. Self-pace through the scenes and flexibility to focus on any elements created (tablescape, portraits, etc)

3. Learn the basics of day-of styling

4. Refine their social media and website portfolio

5. Immerse him/herself in a different culture

6. Get our best tips for networking and working abroad

7. Join a small group setup (max 4) to maximize your self paced 'study' time

For more information please fill the contact sheet HERE

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More perks:

  • Welcome package and full design programs prior to trip
  • Styling Kit of your choice (styling board, Silk and Willow and FrouFrouChic ribbons, The Mrs Box, etc)
  • Access to online courses (fundamentals of invitation styling,  styling with fresh flowers, maintenance and care of your styling kit)
  • Full ad-on itinerary to further discover and enjoy the locale with our local hostess

Suggested Shotlist (Vignettes)

  • Bridal Portraits with professional model, MUAH
  • Details: bouquet, invitations, menus, etc
  • Ceremony
  • Tablescape
  • Authentic scene based on local customs and traditions
  • Outdoor portraits (weather permitting)


Disclosures and Final Considerations:

1. Release for the photos created under this package are for professional portfolio only. Images for publication are included in the Primary photographer package (please contact us for more info)

2. We have a NO REFUND policy but you can transfer to another photographer if needed. We will advertise the opening on your behalf

3. 'Force Majeure': All shoots will be cancelled and rescheduled due to an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of the parties, such as local conditions, war, strike, riot, crime, or act of God (hurricane, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption or alert.) which prevents one or both parties from fulfilling their obligations under the contract. 

4. We do not guarantee a private shoot and other attendees are expected (max 4). Nonetheless, we will aim to create a private or semi-private shoot when permitting.