3 Questions For: Farmhouse Pottery

I am so excited to announce our brand new series on the blog! I am going to be interviewing vendors, creatives, business owners, you name it on how they go about their styling and design.

To kick off the series, I had the pleasure of visiting Farmhouse Pottery in Vermont and had the opportunity to chat with their team to talk about how they style their shop and their products.

'You have to commit to originality every day' says the intro video that plays around the store non-stop. The owners Zoe and James really make a point of creating their own aesthetic and striving to be true to it every day.


Storefront: Welcome to Farmhouse's dream home. Photo: The Romanticist Studios

Storefront: Welcome to Farmhouse's dream home. Photo: The Romanticist Studios


1.  What was the main inspiration for the store set-up and the styling of your products?

Zoe Z: We love giving our clients a very warm welcome into our store and products. All items are setup in a way that inspire an authentic lifestyle.


Styled tabletop. Photo: The Romanticist Studios

Styled tabletop. Photo: The Romanticist Studios


2.  What would you say was the most beautiful piece made and why was it so special?

Note from the author: Everybody at the store had their own favorites as well as season favorites! I should have seen this coming :)  

From Zoe Z: 'The crocks are a very versatile item. They can adorn any space as a pretty vase, serve as a bottle holder or container.


Crock from Farmhouse Pottery website

Crock from Farmhouse Pottery website



3.  What is the number one tip you can give to ensure beautiful styling of any Farmhouse Pottery product?

Trust the uniqueness of each one and play with it. The beauty of having a handmade piece is that it will have its own characteristics and you should cherish that item even more for it.

Styling at Farmhouse. Photo: The Romanticist Studios

Styling at Farmhouse. Photo: The Romanticist Studios


We couldn't pass on the opportunity to gather a few pretty items for the studio and for the IG Live folks.

If you are heading North...Plan a quick stop in Woodstock, catch lunch at one of their amazing little restaurants and then make sure to head to Farmhouse.

Make it even more fun by shopping their 'seconds' and save a pretty penny while getting the most amazing house items.

Milk Jug and Wood Bowl. Photo: The Romanticist Studios

Milk Jug and Wood Bowl. Photo: The Romanticist Studios


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Rebrand Right: The New Look for TRS

Hello there! If you are here you probably like the little sneak peeks of the TRS brand and maybe are thinking of a little rebranding yourself! Oh what a fun! 

Branding is such a buzzword right now and I don't even think it is a market need as much as it is a super fun, rewarding business activity for creatives.

Yeah but the biggest complaint out there is that a moodboard and a cute logo are just not enough anymore. So I wanted to share a few tips to craft a beautiful and effective brand as well as manage a pretty perfect partnership (TRSxMegan Heddinger for us here).

In a few weeks I will also send out a little checklist to help you think about all the aspects of branding and working successfully with a brand designer. So sign up for the newsletter at the bottom!    


1. Partner with a Brand Designer you Love!

For the new look I was really drawn to a more minimal and artistic look while keeping the romantic and feminine aesthetic that is at the core of the studio.

You want to try and find someone that will push your creative boundaries in the direction you want to go.  

I knew Megan's artistic work from her paper company Wilde House . Her style is super "Cali-Cool" and minimal which is what I was looking to bring into my own brand.  

We worked really hard to meet half way and create something that is a true combination of The Romanticist Studios + Megan Heddinger.

My monthly dose of cool paper inspiration. Photo by The Wilde House.

My monthly dose of cool paper inspiration. Photo by The Wilde House.


2. Create a Consistent Brand from Top to Bottom!

Think about all aspects of the client experience. Make sure to keep a consistent voice throughout this experience from your portfolio, quotes, invoices, templates and even Thank You cards.  

Megan did exactly this...she created my branding, website, portfolio. We worked together on a proposal that covered not only brand and web design but collateral too.

Sneak Peek of TRS Portfolio

Sneak Peek of TRS Portfolio


3. All Good Things Take Time

Diving into a brand re-design definitely is a process.  Like all good things in life it takes time.  

For us the process took over four months. The journey was just as important as the final deliverables.  It was the time to craft the vision, voice and the aesthetic I wanted my clients to hear and get inspired by. For Megan it was the time to understand my business and craft marketing message and visuals for us.


A little logo evolution...Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was TRS :)


4. It Should Make Business Sense

This one is the emotional factor and I gotta be real here, it was huge for me. We all want the perfect image for our work and nothing less. That said it is definitely a huge time and money investment that needs to pay off.

Think about what you are getting out of it and how this new look will get you there. I really needed help creating a beautiful portfolio that I could send to potential clients. The money needs to add up as well. The new clients you are getting from the effort will have to 'pay' for the project and you should keep track of it.


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