3 Questions For: Farmhouse Pottery

I am so excited to announce our brand new series on the blog! I am going to be interviewing vendors, creatives, business owners, you name it on how they go about their styling and design.

To kick off the series, I had the pleasure of visiting Farmhouse Pottery in Vermont and had the opportunity to chat with their team to talk about how they style their shop and their products.

'You have to commit to originality every day' says the intro video that plays around the store non-stop. The owners Zoe and James really make a point of creating their own aesthetic and striving to be true to it every day.

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5 Tips to Work Successfully with a Virtual Assistant

Like most creative entrepreneurs your business is your baby and you know there is no one better to take care of that baby than you.  You soon realize that your to-do list is never-ending, balls are being dropped in your business and you are on the road to burnout.  After much thought and consideration you decide you need some help and take the leap by adding a virtual assistant (VA) to your team!

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