5 reasons why you should ditch the ballroom

With so much inspiration for your big day it is more than likely you are overwhelmed with all the possibilities available to you and how to bring your vision for your dream wedding to life.  What if, for a moment you stepped away from the tradition and the expectation of what you feel your wedding should be and dreamed for a moment about the possibility of taking your wedding outside of the typical ballroom.  We at The Romanticist Studios feel that it is time to ditch the ballroom and think outside the box and we have compiled our top 5 reasons why you should!

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Branding Shoot | Christine Dore Trant

A brand or editorial photo shoot comes together much like a swan gliding across a lake: above the water, the elegant neck curves gracefully and the feathers barely flutter. Below the water is a different story: strong legs and purposeful flippers work diligently to guide the scene above

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Wedding Wanderlust - Paris

There is no denying the fact that Parisian culture seems to have been hand crafted for love and romance.  Is it really even a wonder why Paris is known as "The City of Love" all over the world?This naturally makes it a sought after location for weddings and intimate elopements and is the second city we are exploring in our Wedding Wanderlust series on the blog.

5 Tips to Work Successfully with a Virtual Assistant

Like most creative entrepreneurs your business is your baby and you know there is no one better to take care of that baby than you.  You soon realize that your to-do list is never-ending, balls are being dropped in your business and you are on the road to burnout.  After much thought and consideration you decide you need some help and take the leap by adding a virtual assistant (VA) to your team!